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During its four hundred years of life, Ambrosiana has welcomed within its collections an amazing variety of volumes, works of art and artifacts from all over the world, capable of telling us a story that spans over 1500 years.

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The other faces of the Ambrosiana

The most magical and ancient places of Milan: the ancient Forum where Constantine, St. Ambrose, St. Augustine and Theodosius walked, and the lower Church of Santo Sepolcro, built by the Crusaders… as well as a colossal statue of St. Charles Borromeo on Lake Maggiore; a Museum-Home at the Sacro Monte of Varese; a Foundation dedicated to the promotion of young artists: this is also the Ambrosiana!
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The church of San Sepolcro was founded in 1030, when a Milanese moneyer named Rozzone built a church on the ancient Roman forum. Archbishop Ariberto d’Intimiano solemnly consecrated it to the Holy Trinity.

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The Colossus of Saint Charles in Arona, which popular tradition has affectionately dubbed San Carlone, was created in the seventeenth century at the behest of Federico Borromeo, archbishop of Milan and founder of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana.

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The Marco Mantovani Foundation seeks to preserve and enhance the works of the sculptor Marco Mantovani, as evidence of the life of an artist dedicated to sculpture and art.

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Between 1990 and 1992, archaeological excavations conducted underneath the ancient cellars of the Ambrosiana brought to light a portion of the pavement of the ancient Roman forum, the heart of Mediolanum's political, economic and religious life.

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Lodovico Pogliaghi was one of the most significant Lombard artists to live in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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(158 online artworks)

Portico in Ruins, Giovanni Migliara (1785-1837)
Clock with astrolabe, NA
Daggers with sheath (eared sfondagiaco dagger), Milanese Gunsmiths
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 860 recto, NA
The Placing of Christ in the Sepulchre, Tiziano Vecellio (1480-1576)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 29 recto, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 12 recto, NA
Judith and Holofernes, Giuseppe Vermiglio (1585-1635)
Plato, Giovanni Antonio Piatti (1447-1480)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 1006 verso, NA
Nautilus shell, Sconosciuto
Portrait of Giuseppina Negroni Prati Morosini, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 1069 recto, NA
Portrait of a Gentleman (Michel de l’Hospital), Giovan Battista Moroni (1520-1578)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 858 recto, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 33 recto, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
Apse of San Satiro and View of the Duomo, NA
Moses and the Brazen Serpent, Cesare Ligari (1716-1770)
The Wedding of Peleus and Thetis, Ambito di Francesco Albani (1578-1660)
The infant Jesus with a Lamb, NA
Napoleon Bonaparte’s gloves, NA
The Magdalen and the Angel, Giulio Cesare Procaccini (1574-1625)
The Adoration of the Magi, Maestro del Santo Sangue (XVI secolo)
The Adoration with Saint Roch, Gian Pietro Rizzoli detto Giampietrino (1508-1549)
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Jan II Brueghel il Giovane (1601-1678)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 307 verso, NA
The Adoration of the Magi, Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli also known as Morazzone (1571-1626)
The Blessed Soul, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 1058 verso, NA
Locked out of school, Emilio Longoni (1859-1932)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 909 verso, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 149 recto, NA
The Kiss, Francesco Hayez (1791-1882)
Self Portrait, Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844)
The Madonna Enthroned with Saint Ambrose and Saint Michael, Bartolomeo Suardi detto il Bramantino (1465-1530)
Portrait of Saint Charles Borromeo, Giovanni Ambrogio Figino (1548-1608)
The Madonna Nursing the Child by the Fountain, Bernaert van Orley (1488-1541)
Christ Crowned with Thorns, Bernardino Luini (1480-1532)
The Damned Soul, Anonimo lombardo (XVII secolo)
The Madonna and Child with Saint John the Evangelist and Saint John the Baptist, Marco d’Oggiono (1470-1525)
The Adoration, Bartolomeo Suardi detto il Bramantino (1465-1530)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 455 recto, NA
Cup with Turbo marmoratus shell, Christoph Lencker (1556 circa-1613)
Washerwomen at the Canal, Emilio Gola (1851-1923)
Orrery, Sconosciuto
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 845 recto, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 719 recto, NA
Portrait of Giovanni Battista Morosini, NA
Allegory of Fire, Jan Brueghel il Vecchio “Dei Velluti” (1568-1625)
Portrait of a Young Man, Giorgione (Giorgio da Castelfranco copia da) (1478 circa-1510)
Portrait of Emilia Morosini Zeltner, NA
Portrait of a Young Girl with a Dove, Natale Schiavoni (1777-1858)
Codice Atlantico (Codex Atlanticus), f. 104 recto, NA
Portrait of Napoleon King of Italy, Andrea Appiani (1754-1817)
Christ Resurrected, Marco Basaiti (1470-1530)
Adoration of the Magi, NA
Codice Atlantico (Codex Atlanticus), f. 1 recto, NA
Portrait of Paolo Morigia, Fede Galizia (1578-1630)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus) f. 710 recto, NA
The Presentation of Christ in the Temple, Giandomenico Tiepolo (1727-1804)
Portrait of a Pilgrim, Monogrammista HL (XVI secolo)
Mercury and Argus, Anonimo genovese (XVII secolo)
The Holy Family with Sain John, Tobias and the Archangel Raphael, Bonifacio Veronese (1487-1553)
Flowers in a Vase, NA
Portrait of a Lady, Giovanni Ambrogio De Predis (1455-1508)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 21 recto, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 3 recto, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus) f. 199 verso, NA
llias picta, NA
The Arco della Pace in Milan, NA
Octagonal casket, Bottega degli Embriachi (XIV-XV secolo)
Pietà (copy from Michelangelo), Leone Leoni
Original Sin, Jan II Brueghel il Giovane (1601-1678)
Flowers and Roses, Gaetano Previati (1852-1920)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 117 recto, NA
Mary Magdalene, Tiziano Vecellio (1480-1576)
The Adoration of the Magi, Andrea Schiavone (1510-1563)
Portrait of a Musician, NA
The Assumption of the Virgin, Giovanni Agostino da Lodi (1467-1524 circa)
Libro d’Ore Borromeo, Cristoforo de Predis (1440-1486)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 145 recto, NA
Allegorical Female Figure, Giovanni Serodine (1600-1631)
Still Life with Musical Instruments, Evaristo Baschenis (1617-1677)
Portrait of a Young Man, Vittore Ghislandi detto Frà Galgario (1655-1743)
Noctes Atticae, Aulo Gellio
Burse, Artista dell’Italia centrale
The Annunciation, Gerolamo Mazzola Bedoli (1500-1569)
Figured casket, Scultore lombardo
Vase of Flowers with Jewel, Coins and Shells, Jan Brueghel il Vecchio “Dei Velluti” (1568-1625)
The Madonna and Child with Saint Peter and Saint Jerome, Cesare Magni (1511-1534)
Armillary sphere, NA
The Martyrdom of Saint Peter of Verona, Alessandro Bonvicino detto Moretto (1490-1554)
The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, Antonio Badile (1518-1560)
Kids and Lambs, Francesco Londonio (1723-1783)
Horse’s head (Copy from the equestrian monument to Marcus Aurelius on the Capitol in Rome), NA
Seascape, Paul Bril (1554-1626)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 812 recto, NA
Ceremonial saddle and stirrups. Detail of the wooden horse of Troy, Arte armaiola milanese
Portrait of Bernardino da Lesmo, Bartolomeo Veneto (1502-1530)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 4 recto, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
Sacra Conversazione, Ambrogio da Fossano detto il Bergognone (1453-1523)
Landscape with Saint John the Baptist, Paul Bril (1554-1626)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 844 recto, NA
Diana the Huntress, Joachim Friess (XVI-XVII secolo)
Maternity, Mosè Bianchi (1840-1904)
Portrait of Alessandro Negroni Prati Morosini, Francesco Hayez (1791-1882)
Crib, Federico Barocci o Baroccio detto il Fiori (1535-1612) (replica di)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 71 recto, NA
Portrait of Manfredo Settala, Daniele Crespi (1600-1630) attribuito a
Basket of fruit, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610)
Latin astrolabe, Anonymous
The Madonna and Child with a Worshipper, Bernardino Betti detto il Pinturicchio (1454-1513)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 139 recto, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 873 recto, NA
The Triumph of David, Lucas Hugenszoon detto Luca di Leida (1494-1533)
Susanna at her Bath, Carlo Francesco Nuvolone (1609-1661)
Winter Landscape with Skaters, Hendrick Avercamp (1585-1634)
The Holy Family with Saints Anne and John, Bernardino Luini (1480-1532)
The Presentation of Christ in the Temple, Pietro Antonio Magatti (1691-1767)
The School of Athens, Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520)
Still Life with Fruit, Isaac Soreau (1604-1638)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus) f. 851 recto, NA
De divina proportione, Luca Pacioli (1445 circa – 1517)
Display case with the hair of Lucrezia Borgia, Alfredo Ravasco
Naturalis Historia, Plinio il Vecchio (23-79 dC)
Head of Christ the Redeemer, Gian Giacomo Caprotti detto Salai (1480-1524)
View of the Interior of the Duomo, Giovanni Migliara (1785-1837)
A Soul in Purgatory, Anonimo lombardo (XVII secolo)
Christ on the Way to Calvary, Giovanni Busi detto Cariani (1480-1547)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 26 verso, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 663 recto, NA
Jael and Sisera, Giuseppe Vermiglio (1585-1635)
The Dormition of the Virgin, Anonimo ferrarese (XV secolo)
The Virgin of the Rocks, Andrea Bianchi detto il Vespino (attivo 1612-1640)
Saint John the Baptist, Gian Giacomo Caprotti
The Madonna of the Pavilion, Sandro Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi detto) (1444 o 1445-1510)
The Last Supper, Andrea Bianchi detto il Vespino (attivo 1612-1640)
Mouse with Roses, NA
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 272 verso, NA
Self Portrait, Antonio Canova (1757-1822)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 116 recto, NA
Mary Magdalene Penitent, Guido Reni (1575-1642)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 49 recto, NA
Lesenes and trophies, Agostino Busti detto il Bambaia (1483-1548)
The Holy Family, Carlo Francesco Nuvolone (1609-1661)
Man in Armour, NA
Saint Michael the Archangel, Giulio Cesare Procaccini (1574-1625)
The Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist, Ubertini Francesco detto Bachiacca (1494-1557)
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, Jacopo da Ponte detto il Bassano (1510-1592)
Laocoon (copy of the Vatican original), Leone Leoni
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 5 recto, NA
Male portrait, Hans Muelich (1516-1573)
The Ambrosian Virgil of Francesco Petrarca, NA
Still Life with Fruit, Isaac Soreau (1604-1638)
Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus), f. 72 recto, NA
Allegory of Water, NA
Dantesque window, Giuseppe Bertini (1825-1898)
Portrait of Peter Leopold of Habsburg-Lorraine (later Leopold II), Anton Raphael Mengs (1728-1779)