Guided tours with reserved access

Visitors to the Library and Art Gallery are offered various options for visiting and exploring the precious treasures they display, starting with the rooms of the museum that preserve the original collection donated in 1618 by Cardinal Borromeo.
This collection includes Renaissance masterpieces that have been highly influential in the history of Italian art. They range from Titian to Luini, Botticelli, Bramantino, Raphael – with the renowned preparatory cartoon for The School of Athens, absolutely unique – to Brueghel’s fascinating oil paintings on copper.

Our visit then continues following the art history timeline with works from the 19th century. Visitors will be able to admire important masterpieces in an absolutely fascinating architectural setting, and finally the historic reading room, the original heart of the Library.
Here the pages from Leonardo’s renowned Codex Atlanticus and Caravaggio’s Basket of Fruit are on display.
Following restoration work over the last few years, now it is also possible to visit the area of the Roman Forum and above-ground and underground areas of the Church of San Sepolcro.
These are places where you will rediscover the centuries of history of the city of Milan and the important events that took place in it, featuring figures such as the Lombard crusaders, Leonardo and St. Charles Borromeo. Then bear in mind that this is the exact geometrical centre of the city.

Tours to the art gallery
• Courtyard of the Masters
• Aula Leonardi and Sala Federiciana (Codex Atlanticus)
• Ala Galbiati
• Church of San Sepolcro
• Archaeological excavations of the Roman Forum


Leonardo da Vinci and his legacy.<br>The artists and the techniques


Leonardo da Vinci and his legacy.
The artists and the techniques

The exhibition reveals the profound resonance that Leonardo's teaching in the field of design had on his students, his followers and the Lombard artists of the time.

November 5 and 6: Room of the Raphael Cartoon closed to the public


November 5-6: Room of the Raphael Cartoon closed to the public

The Room of The Raphael Cartoon will be closed to the public on November 5 and 6

The first ten years of the Classe di Slavistica of the Accademia Ambrosiana: life, research and outlook


The first ten years of the Classe di Slavistica of the Accademia Ambrosiana: life, research and outlook

Since its foundation, ten years ago, the Classe di Slavistica of the Accademia Ambrosiana has been proposing itself as a place for the growth of knowledge, of research and of scholarly connections in Italy and abroad, due to its peculiar and rich placement within the Biblioteca Ambrosiana.




From October 18 to December 31, 2019, Marina Abramovic arrives in the Sala Sottofedericiana of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, with the video cycle “The Kitchen. Homage to Saint Therese"