Sacra Conversazione
Ambrogio da Fossano detto il Bergognone (1453-1523)
tempera and oil on panel
242 × 182 cm

Image requests

Applications concerning manuscripts and printed books, archive materials, engravings and drawings, including Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus, and the works in the Art Gallery, statues, paintings and materials identified with an inventory number, should be forwarded through the form here below.

If a publication license is also required, applicants should specify the purpose and geographical area. The license for the publication of images, with the exception of the Codex Atlanticus, is to be considered free of charge in the case of contributions to periodicals of a purely academic-scientific character and circulation, and which are also planned to be printed.

Applications incorrectly formulated, or sent in ways other than those indicated will not be given consideration.

The applicant will receive by e-mail a cost estimate, relating both to the costs of the photo reproduction service and reproduction rights, if the application seeks a publication license. It should be noted that this procedure is intended to supply images exclusively in electronic format.
Cost estimates which fail to receive a reply within 90 days of sending will be considered forfeited and the transaction cancelled.

Unless otherwise indicated by the applicant, the invoice will be registered in the same name; prepayment is required.

The Library reserves the right to refuse authorisation at its sole discretion for reproduction of materials in a state of preservation liable to be damaged by handling.

Photo reproduction rates

Requests for editorial-commercial use
– 1 digital image with a resolution of 300 dpi or 600 dpi, in color / gray scale = € 30.00

Requests for research use
– 1 digital image with a resolution of 300 dpi or 600 dpi, in color / gray scale = € 5.00.
– In case of requests for the complete reproduction of manuscripts / volumes the rate is € 1.00 per image. The reproduction will be inclusive of all parts of the manuscript / volume (therefore also binding, cuts, endpapers, flyleaves, blank papers).

No further discounts are foreseen.
The above rates are not inclusive of VAT.
Publication fees are excluded from the fees.


The Ambrosiana doesn’t stop!


The Ambrosiana doesn't stop!

We look forward to welcoming you back to the pinacoteca and the library, but in the meantime ... let's keep company! #iorestoacasa #andràtuttobene #laculturanonsiferma #lambrosiananonsiferma