Portrait of Paolo Morigia
Fede Galizia (1578-1630)
oil on canvas
88 × 79 cm

College of Fellows

Founded in 1604, before the Biblioteca Ambrosiana opened to the public, the College of Fellows (Collegio dei Dottori), presided over by the Prefect, is the body Federico Borromeo chose as responsible for the cultural life of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana.

Consisting of ecclesiastics chosen by the Archbishop of Milan, the Patron of the Ambrosiana, each member of the college specialises in one discipline corresponding to those represented in the library’s holdings (in keeping with the motto “singuli singula”: to each a single subject of study) and related to the areas of classical and modern literature, foreign languages ​​and cultures, theological and historical sciences, philosophy and the history of art, so qualifying them to preserve, research and increase the manuscript and print collections.
The fellows, in accordance with the method laid down by Federico himself, are required to conduct research, publish essays and articles and engage with the international scholarly debate. They also maintain frequent contacts with Italian and foreign academic institutions. The College of Fellows – in keeping with the rules concerning the activities of the Ambrosiana Library – promote and undertake scholarly and cultural activities, in particular guaranteeing the diligent custody and promotion of the cultural heritage and assets held by the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, and ensuring the increase of its collections.


Intorno a un codice 2020


Intorno a un codice 2020

For Spring 2020 the Class of Latin and Greek studies organizes a cycle of three conferences entitled Intorno a un Codice. In each lecture, a scholar will present a particularly valuable Ambrosian codex, illustrating its features.

Leonardo da Vinci and his legacy.<br>The artists and the techniques


Leonardo da Vinci and his legacy.
The artists and the techniques

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